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Welcome To Christian Grandfather Magazine

As we begin our first full year of publication, it is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to Christian Grandfather Magazine. We hope you will become loyal readers and will welcome the enthusiasm behind our writers. We are thankful you are here.

Our number one purpose is to bring glory to the one true God. The core of CGM is to encourage, teach, and stimulate men to step up. We are here to help generate new hearts of godly leadership in the family.

We aspire to motivate you to build a stronger spiritual foundation in your personal life. Christian Grandfather Magazine will present faith-building articles from a variety of writers to encourage a closer spiritual bond with God, your wife, your children, and your grandchildren.

We are inspired by the voices of godly men and women who are blessed with the gift of writing to encourage. While there is no substitute for studying God’s Word, our mission is to bring men, around the world,  thoughtful and engaging commentary on spiritual and social issues, while glorifying the God we serve.  

Please come and join us on this journey,  

Andy Oldham   

CGM Founder                                               

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