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I am accused of being an old soul. You can call me that too, because I love the past and look forward to the future. My name is Andy Oldham. I am the grandfather of two boys, ages 16, 14 & 3. I also have two precious granddaughters ages 15 and 2. I don’t get to see them very often and so I am always looking for ways to engage them in conversation. Thank goodness for cell phones and the ability to text and call, and even send pictures to one another. Technology can be a blessing, after all.

When my Dad died, in 1995, I was re-acquainted at his funeral with many relatives whom I had not seen in many years. I will never forget one of my older cousins making this statement to my brothers, and me “You are now the older generation.”

I didn’t grasp the seriousness of her statement until about six years ago when I began to take a class in writing memoirs. The awakening began while looking at photographs and understanding that my parents and grandparents were no longer with us. All that remained were these photos and the attached memories.  I then realized that I stood in their place for my children and future generations. As I grew to appreciate the legacy given me by the older generation, I began to accept responsibility to pass on not only family stories and my personal memoirs but this same mantle of faith in God. As some of the current generation has said, I am now a fossil. Ya know what? I’m proud to be one.

We are now the patriarchs of our families, and along with this God-given responsibility there arrives in crescendo the need for commitment not only to our children, but our grandchildren for the rest of our lives. We are not only to nurture, but to advise when asked, to teach godly precepts and share our lives with them when they are in our presence. We are to stand in the gap. God expects of us to take the same responsibility for our grandchildren as our children. Pray! Pray! Pray! As the patriarch we are to surround our entire family with prayers of Joy, Thankfulness, and of course a cover of protection against this world.

There is so much I have to share, that I cannot possibly tell it all at one time. I plan to share stories of the older generation before me, and stories of my own. I will share stories of my experience with my grandchildren and even some pictures from time to time.

I want to share memoirs, family stories, and thoughts with you. Hang in there and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Andy Oldham



439 thoughts on “About Andy

  1. Andy,

    Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog – it’s a blessing to meet you! I am not a grandparent (yet) but 3 of my grandparents and my dad went to be with the Lord in the past ten years and this line, “All that remained were these photos and the memories” really hits home. I commend your lovingly intentions and pray words of love and growth over you 🙂

    God bless you.

    Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

  2. It’s great to make your acquaintance Andy! I am the grandmother of twelve who all live hundreds of miles away from me as well. My newer husband and I will begin traveling full time in our 40 foot motorhome this summer. One of my most exciting adventures to look forward to is to pick up the kids and take them cruising for a few days. Not only the grandkids but my kids, their parents as well. I plan on writing some fun stories of our adventures ahead. I am sick with chronic illness and cannot do much physically with them but I can take them cruising, swimming, camping and story telling all in style.

    I look forward to reading of your adventures and/or challenges and advice. My grandkids range from 20 years of age down to 6 months of age. Quite a spread, half and half (males/females). Brenda

    • Hey Brenda! So nice of you to write. Thanks for finding and following my blog! It sounds like you will have an amazing summer. It will be a special memory for the grandkids. I’ll never forget my grandparents took us out to Simi Valley, CA when I was 16. So many great memories from that summer. Sorry to hear you have a chronic illness that slows you down. Thankful you can still do what you are able though! Keep me posted of your adventures. I’ll be a grandfather again in about three weeks! 🙂

    • Good Morning Kim! I don’t know what to say. I do not get to write as often as I like and to receive these nominations are such an honor. However, given that from the beginning of my blog last July I have not accepted any awards, I cannot accept these as well. I am an award free blog. I write because I love to write and share my stories with others. Your nomination for not one, but two awards, thrills my soul that you enjoy my writing enough to take that step. You are my reward. Thank you again. God Bless!

  3. Hi there Andy. A fossil you said they called you, you seem to have more stamina than I do. Plus you´re even more in the “know how” of this social media world, technology world, than me. I hate cell phones. Why am I watching a t.v movie or some odd documentary in National Geographic or History Channel and the thing keeps on beeping, and when you latter respond to the people they actually get mad that I haven´t responded in the next second they send the message. Whatever happened to the payphone, you called in the morning and told whoever we meet at X place at X hour. And that´s it. Although this new social media thing does have it´s perks like being able for me to learn through reading a whole bunch of different people about all kinds of different subjects. Your a wise man, so I´m sure I´ll find here some neat things that I can apply it to me or to my writing. Good you stopped by my nutty blog.

    • First let me say thank you for following my blog. I appreciate your follow. As far as the new technology goes I am in total agreement with you. I looked around a restaurant when I went out to eat the other day and out of about 20 people only two were not on cell phones and I was one of the two, lol. I refuse to follow twitter as I have enough to read as it is. At the age of 63 I have seen many many things like the pay phone disappear. I wish we could get some things back, but like my old boss used to say, ” The only thing good about the good old days is that they are gone.”
      I am thankful you are back to writing again.
      You have a lot to offer and since you love writing please write away. I see you have a lot of followers already and that is good thing 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by my blog as well and I will be looking forward to seeing your post. Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for such a nice comment and compliment.

    • Good Afternoon! I don’t know what to say. To receive this award is such an honor. However, given that from the beginning of my blog last July I have not accepted any awards. In keeping with my award free blog, I cannot accept this this one either. I write because I love to write and share my stories with others. Your gracious award thrills my soul and knowing that you enjoy my writing is an award in itself. You are my reward. Thank you again. God Bless!
      OH, I will be changing my “about ANDY” to reflect that I am award free. I was unaware that I had not done that already. So I thank you again for helping me to realize this.

  4. Andy, I so love your stories. Wish I had read them long ago! My favorite is the chocolate pie story and how you made yourself your own position as Food Scout, a most delicious title. I look forward to reading more upon your return. Thanks for sharing and happy writing! :0) Marie

    • Hey Marie! So glad you stopped by. I have looked at your blog and really like it as well. I look forward to seeing your work. Thank you for such a sweet comment. i hpe to be back and writing soon. I am working on my memoirs and have had this old brain jarred many times with some good stories. You are greatly appreciated ~ Andy

      • Awesome! I am writing my dad’s stories, and your style reminds me more of how I like to put them down…so I appreciate your sharing. I’m still learning how to tell stories I think… :0)
        Thanks for being YOU! ~Marie

  5. Hi Andy, I have been reading your blog, this is fun, I like the way you write. I’m not a grandfather smile.. But I am a grandmother of ten and one on the way. Yes I now know god has truly blessed me. Looking forward to reading your blog, especially as I love reading and I love writing, unlike you I just write what comes to mind and hope it makes sense. It’s great to see that other Christians are writing memoirs, for me it’s a healing process.

    • Thank you Beverly for writing such a nice comment. Ten grandchildren, WoW! That is a blessing. I have two grandsons, and a two month old granddaughter. Thank you for reading and following my blog. I don’t write very often so I guess I need to get started on a new one 🙂 I hope you are writing your memoirs and leaving your legacy for those precious grandchildren and their grandchildren as well. It is a lot of fun! Blessings to you and your family Beverly!

      • Thank you Andy, you sound like a warm person, I was reading your post on the buck tree nut, that was actually hilarious, I pictured the scene too., I couldn’t find anywhere to comment though. How is Mo now?, I bet he never tried that again. Yes, I am trying to remember those memoirs Andy, while the memory is not so bad.

      • Mo had a brain tumor several years ago. He is suffering some memory loss and did not remember this story. Other than than he is in great health now and has a wonderful wife in Nancy who loves him dearly and takes very good care of him.

  6. In less than a month, I’ll celebrate my 42nd birthday … and two days later, my grandfather will celebrate his 91st. I’m blessed. I know most people my age lost their grandfathers long ago. Furthermore, my grandfather knows and loves the Lord, and spiritually leads his family (five children and their spouses, a dozen grandchildren and their spouses, and thirty great-grandchildren … with more to come, I am sure). My own father also takes an active spiritual role in the lives of his children and grandchildren. Families like ours seem to be so rare, yet what a blessing it is when multiple generations serve the Lord! May God bless you, Andy, as you lead your children and grandchildren! (Thanks for visiting my blog, too … always nice to meet my family in Christ.)

    • Let me say first, Congratulations on your up and coming 42nd birthday. Oh to be there again would really be nice 🙂 You are so lucky to have your grandfather to celebrate birthdays with. I pray he is till in good health. I am so thankful that he loves the Lord and is the leader of his family. You are indeed blessed to have this beautiful family. I want you to do me a favor, rather, I should say, do yourself and your family a favor. I implore you to write about your grandfathers life. If you need help I can give you a little guidance if you will email me. I have a friend who just finished doing this with her great grandfather. He was a blessed Christian man who raised generations of Christian children. He left an outstanding legacy for future generations. There is no telling how many will be saved or blessed in future generations by the legacy he built.
      It will take some of your time but I promise you that if you will sit and talk, record and listen to you grandfather you will be blessed beyond measure. What is even more exciting is how blessed he will be. He will be thrilled and look forward to each of your visits and will give more information with each. Someone in the family needs to be the scribe and holder of family stories and legacy. Why not you? Do not let this opportunity pass you by. When he is gone on to his reward you will not be able to get this information. I regret so much that I did not sit down with my Dad before he died in 1995. Now I struggle to put things together based on what my two brothers and I remember. God bless you Paige. Thank you for sharing about you family and especially your grandfather.

  7. Hi Andy, I have been reading some more of your past posts and just finished ‘Building in the Dark” wow what a good post such a great reminder to complete the work God gives us to do no matter what. You have comments closed on that post, I hope you don’t mind that I commented here I just couldn’t let that one go by without saying something 🙂

  8. Hi Andy, I love the past too love history find it fascinating. Sadly I’ve never met either of my grandfathers. I only ever knew my grandmother on my mothers side. So I will be reading what you and others say whilst imagining what mine was like. God bless

    • I never knew my grandfather on my Dad’s side either. He died when I was four. I have a lot of pictures of him but that was all. That is until I started doing my own memoirs and decided to start with him. I only remember his funeral in the front yard of his house in Pioneer, LA. I started digging and asking and getting stories and new pictures and other things from my relatives. It is exciting to find out things about them even if we never knew them personally. Might I suggest that you start digging. Once you get started you will enjoy it I promise. If you need a little help I will be glad to give you a few pointers. You grandchildren need to know them too 🙂 Blessings!

  9. I am a new grandmother. My granddaughter will turn one in a few days. She is so precious. My heart goes out to you, that you have so many miles between you and yours. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the “likes”. I’ll see you on Goodreads!

    • Congratulations Sue! I know you will make a wonderful grandmother! I just had my 3rd granddaughter and It’s a Girl! I will be seeing her quite often! Have a wonderful day!

    • I am so sorry I did not thank you for your comment sooner. For some reason your comment was sent to my spam folder. I must sincerely thank you for your comment.Thank you for following my blog. Blessings!

  10. Dear Andy, you stopped by and liked one of my posts. I received word of this in my email, which also showed your “about page” or a close summary of it. I was entranced! I just gave this lecture to my nephews. I have just risen to Matriarch of the clan… ummm, well, in Aunt form, but the role is the same. Looking forward to reading more of your posts here. Well done! Best ~ HuntMode

  11. I won’t be long before I’m a grandfather. No, nothing is in the oven, but my daughters are having wishful thinking. I figure when they start production I’ll be ready with a few stories of my own.

    • This is wonderful news Anthony! Might I suggest that you keep a hand written journal of this journey. One that shows your prayers and thanksgivings all through the event, yes even the one you mentioned about your daughters wishful thinking. It will be an amazing blessing when this precious child is grown and they see the way you prayed for them throughout their life. One think that I am doing now for my teenage grandsons is to write them handwritten letters, once each month, about a particular Bible lesson for their life and tell them how much I love them and how I am praying for them. I wish I had started the journal idea when they were small. I have a new granddaughter and I am doing this for her now. Blessings to you my friend. Let me know when the joyous event happens.

  12. Dear Andy – I love your intro – I feel your heart and your love for your family through your words! Your passion for grandfathering is perfect! Someday I hope to have a grandchild to be that kind of grandMOTHER. I am pulled into your words and look forward to reading your posts. Blessings and love to you as you write and grandfather and matriarch!

  13. Hi Andy. I wanted to stop by as you have been liking my posts for a while and I have been remiss in thanking you. While I cannot, as a crusty atheist, join you in thanking your God, I’m grateful for your own efforts to read my feeble words. I never knew either Grandfather, both dying before I was born of injuries and ailments inflicted during WW1 but I was told many stories and my brother wrote about my maternal grandfather on my blog recently based on his wartime experiences. You write well and your championing of the importance of sharing the wisdom and insights that come with age is an example to every generation. Good luck and thank you

    • Hi Geoff, and thanks for such a nice comment. This crusty old Christian follows your blog because I love fiction. You are a good writer and have a good story going. I have been through much of what you have been through and mentioned in your “about” post. I have taken so many classes it isn’t funny and I have sent out hundreds of queries hoping I would find someone who would be my agent or publisher, But, it isn’t in the cards, so I decided to self-publish after years of that awful rat race. Self-publishing is becoming the norm and is so easy to do on CreateSpace/Amazon/Kindle. That was a mouth full, lol. If you need help with that I will do my best from across the big pond. There are so many who will publish you, but you wind up doing all the promotion and leg work while they sit back and collect a royalty fee. Enough of that. I am here if you have questions.
      I am sorry that you never knew your grandfathers. I really only knew one. The other died when I was four. I hope you have taken the time to write those stories about them down and saving them for future generations of your family. It is important.
      I do want you to know that even though you are an atheist and I am a Christian we are still brothers here on this earth. We both love to write and both have an interest in learning more. So, I hope you will stay in contact with me and lets talk about writing and life and other things if you like. I will keep you in my prayers dear new friend. Blessings, and if you would like to write on a personal basis I am available at andrewoldham1@gmail.com. Thanks again for your comment.

      • Thanks Andy. I glad to say I have managed to publish both on KDP and Createspace so my book is out there and a few hardy souls have actually bought it! Thank you for the offer of help; I’m sure there are plenty of areas where I need it.
        And yes I hope we can have discussions going forward. All the best. Geoff

  14. Hi Andy, Thanks for visiting my blog. I am new to this and appreciate the feedback. Like you I am facing the stark realization that time has flown by while I was looking elsewhere. Years past me by so quickly that now I look like my grandfather who raised me. Yet, I thank God for the life I have lived and for the time I have in front of me. I’ll be following you and hope that you will stop by and keep me in check. All the best and blessing, Al

    • Thanks Al for such a nice comment. Of course I will follow and try to keep you in check as long as you do the same for me my friend. I love looking like my grandfather, so wear it proudly 😃 Blessings!

  15. Thanks for your like of my recent post, “Qualitative Love.”.You are very kind. Please have a blessed day.

  16. Hi Andy–this is Julie from over on cookiecrumbstoliveby wishing to thank you for wanting to follow along on my little journey—I certainly can understand being an old soul—I’ve been a bit of one my entire life—Not a grandmother yet myself, I was a teacher for 31 years teaching the children of former students and even some of their children—a generational educator as it were—
    I look forward to sharing in your life’s adventure as well–
    Many blessings Andy—Julie

    • Thank you so much Julie. So glad to have another old soul join me on this journey. Looking forward to sharing with you😄 Blessings to you and your family. Be sure to share with me when they joyous day arrived and you can hold your first grandchild.

  17. Hi Andy. I am a grandfather too. You just liked a pic of a good hot Australian sunset of mine. I have stories about my grandfather who was an Anglican Minister but I have disguised it as a fiction. To better tell some stories about my family I have sometimes blended two characters into one and sometimes one character becomes two. I hereby send you one story. It refers to one of the very few times I met him but he stays in my mind I hope the link works. http://wp.me/p5rgVm-1n
    PS. My name is John.

  18. What a lovely introduction to yourself, and to your blog. Thank you so much for finding me at Roughwighting. I love reading here about the joys and responsibilities we have toward our grandchildren. I have SIX under the age of 6 – do grandmothers get a say in your site also? In my blog, I have written a number of posts of the joys and amazing revelations we receive while enjoying time with this new generation.

    • Of course grandmothers have a say here, I would love your input anytime you like. I have discovered on my journey this past year that I should have named my site Christian Grandparents to include both. Please feel free to make suggestions, tell your story, etc. Thank you so much for following me 🙂

  19. I love what you have written and how you feel about being a grandfather. One of my most influential ancestors from my mother’s side of the family was a great-grandmother who spent many hours on her knees praying for her unborn grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She liked to imagine her prayers were bricks in a wall going up to heaven; once a prayer is spoken, the words are in existence in the spiritual realm forever.
    I know that God still takes note of the prayers she prayed for me long before I was born.

    • Amazingly Beautiful comment Noelene. I wonder if you would like to write a post about that and let me post it on my site. I would love to do that. Your grandmother was a wonderful Christian woman who new her responsibilities. They are paying off now with you and others. I pray you will continue this legacy! Blessings and thank you for following my blog!

  20. Hi Andy, I love your blog and I am going to check out your photography site. I just wanted to stop and say that I truly appreciate you and the work that you do. God bless you, my brother!

    • Thank you for such a sweet comment Marianne. I appreciate you very much and love your blog as well. You have really grown deeper over the years! God bless you and your ministry my sister!

  21. Dear Andy,
    What a great spirit you have! Your grandchildren are blessed to have you as a supportive, personable, faith-filled Grandpa. It’s a shock realizing we’re now the matriarchs and patriarchs! I love your description of your responsibilities now to the younger generation. In some ways, we can now do no wrong! Just love and pray and show up. I love your Southern roots and ways–which I share, though they probably aren’t quite as deep as yours.
    God bless you!

      • Born in Charlotte, NC; lived in Seattle, then the Los Angeles area until age 8; moved to Savannah, Georgia and left for college in Columbia, SC (Columbia Bible College) at age 16. My husband and I have lived in Boston, Columbia, Altadena (CA), Nashville and now the Philadelphia area! Yikes. Just writing it makes me feel tired…. 🙂

      • 😊 sounds like an exciting busy life. I moved as many times in my younger years. Born Baton Rouge, but settled 30 years ago here in MS. Glad to meet another Southerner😊

    • Wows! Thank you so Vanessence! I’ve just been pretty busy lately. I’ve taken a position as Sr. Adult Minister at my church. It’s a new position and I’m starting from scratch. I also started out church blog at madisonmethodistblog.com. I do need to get back to my blog though. It’s so nice of you to check on me. You are a blessing and have made me smile. Blessings to you!

      • I can totally relate, Andy! I’m glad things are going well for you, and that you are able to be a light for others. 🙂 Blessings back to you!

  22. Boy, Brother Andy, you have hit a nerve with a LOT of people!! Great to finally get around to your site as I promised. I am also a grandfather of two, both from son, but from two different mothers. My son was young once and thought he was so in love. My oldest grandson is in the Navy now and I don’t get to see him much, he was held from us until he became an adult but thanks to social media we have reconnected and he has realized that we weren’t the ones who abandoned him. Our God, our Heavenly Father is faithful and true! Our youngest grandson lives close by since we moved close to our kids about 4 years ago. He is now enlisting in the Army and going into training to be an MP. His father has been in Law Enforcement and he’s following in his footsteps!

    Grandkids (and kids) are such an awesome blessing and definitely a “love” gift from the Lord!! I’m now following you my Brother and I’m also going to put your site on my Blogs Followed page which I have set up to list sites alphabetically. I also use the list personally as an intercessory prayer list for the other blog ministries out there doing their part to share the love of the Lord with others.

    So for now, brother, God bless you richly and especially more so as you continue to share your adventures in this life’s journey with the Lord. Your gifts shared with all of us whom the Holy Spirit leads through your blog is a service (ministry) to us all and to the Lord!!

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