When I started Christian Grandfather in 2014, I was excited to share the gospel. I have to admit I got sidetracked and started posting memoirs with a touch of inspiration. Then I started posting just memoirs. In 2017 I simply quit writing. God has nudged me many times to start what he originally intended this blog to be, a magazine to encourage grandfather’s and our future grandfathers to continue leading their families toward Christ. As the patriarch of the family they have a responsibility to continue their leadership. If they have have never led their families, it is to provide scriptural ways to begin.

I prayed many times on the direction of this magazine. As you know I started here, with you, on WordPress. I have many writers lined up who are willing to contribute. That is exciting news, isn’t it? Men and women who are willing to contribute their calling to help spread the gospel here, in this magazine.

But I have some more exciting news. I asked a local gentleman to help me with some issues I had in publishing. After reviewing what CGM was about, he is not only going to help, he is going to build me a magazine website specifically for what God is doing here. Amen! You can’t tell me our God is not in this!

I am asking you to be patient with me. It may take a little while for it to get built and for me to learn it. In the meantime, please pray that God will prepare the hearts men to receive what is coming.

The site will be changing from .com to .org.

Also, if you are interested in writing for CGM please go to the About/Purpose page first and read what we are about. Then review the Submissions page to see the categories for writing. Below What We Are Looking For, are the submission guidelines. Writing is open to both men and women who have a message to encourage our men.

Continue to PRAISE GOD!