As My Blogging Friend Wally says, “YEP!”

I made a quick trip to New Orleans yesterday. While there, my wife and I visited the downtown area. I decided not to take this guys advice, especially if I had to pay for it, lol.


41 thoughts on “As My Blogging Friend Wally says, “YEP!”

  1. You know, that is about the most honest advertising I’ve ever seen! Just think, the guy is actually offering to give you exactly what you pay for, and for only a dollar! Brilliant!

  2. If that guy can charge for bad advice, maybe I should charge people for reading my blog.

    New Title => Citizen Tom’s Emporium Of Bad Advice: Featuring Links To Articles From Around The World.

    Then I can link to political columns in the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The New Atlantic,…..

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