The Unfaithful Preacher

The Whole Armour Of God

The unfaithful preacher

(David Porter, “The Nature and Power of Truth“)

Ministers of the gospel hold a place of immense responsibility to God and the souls of men. If they suppress the truth as it is in Jesus, for fear of offending their hearers; if they substitute laxness of principle, for the doctrines of the cross; dry external morality for practical godliness–they do it at an awful peril. They are not placed on Jerusalem’s wall to amuse the multitude with a mock religion in human attire. They are not sent forth to fabricate new theories, or gloss the truth, to render it less offensive to the carnal heart. For no such end was the Christian ministry instituted. The gospel heralds are not at liberty thus to aspire. They are ambassadors from God to deliver His message in its true spirit and genuine simplicity. If they depart…

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5 thoughts on “The Unfaithful Preacher

  1. A well written piece. He is clear in His word about pastors and teachers being held accountable not unlike us all but even more so. I have experienced churches that have glossed over sections of the Bible because it doesn’t fit their churches doctrine. Yet to them they don’t see it? This always makes us step back and relook at our own understanding.

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