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Although Christian Grandfather is an award free blog, I am pleased to announce that I have been ranked in the top 50 of most popular photographers in 2016 among my “View Bug” (photography site) peers. I feel honored in every way. When I tried to copy the award it was so small on this blog you couldn’t read it so I posted on top of one of my floral photos. the original is posted at the bottom of this post.

award_3967_edited-3If you would like to see more of my photos you can find them at

Here is the little bugger that won me this honor.

Click to enlarge detail


This is the copy of the original award that could not be read here on WP.


View Bug is a wonderful place to post your photos. You will receive instruction, encouragement, information on contests, and awards for your photography. Please visit at


62 thoughts on “Photography Award

  1. Congrats!! Im also on ViewBug and I received an email for Top 10% most popular photographer award. Just posted a blogpost about that and was surprised the I saw ur post. I love this website and there are so many amazing photographers out there!! Love how they give out recognition for our talents.

    • Yes, they do give our awards which is so encouraging to us! Glad you found my blog. My photo blog is My username on view bug is andy65. What is yours? Going to check out your blog. Blessings!

  2. Congrats!! Im also on ViewBug and I got same award but Top 10%. I just posted my blogpost about this and was surprised that you wrote about this as well. I love the Viewbug website and there are so many amazing photographers out there. I love how they give recognition for our talents!

    • Thank you Lauren! I appreciate you. I’m happy your husband loved the truck. I try to make as many antique car shows as possible. They all so beautiful and being back so many memories. I need to post a few more on my photo blog. Did he check that out to see other pics of the same truck. Have a supper weekend!

  3. Congratulations! πŸ™‚

    Oh how cute! 😍 I adore opossums. Great shot! Also, it’s very interesting that you were able to capture a photo in the daylight; opossums are typically nocturnal creatures. Very impressive! 😊

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