Ice Storm in Mississippi

We had a rare ice storm here last night. We are closed down πŸ˜ƒ


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  1. Up here in Gainesville, VA we did we did not get much snow, but it is darn cold. Fortunately, it is Saturday. So the icy roads did not seem to cause much trouble.

    I have been living here since 1994. In spite of “global warming”, all it has done is gotten colder. Just about the first year I arrived here, we had a 3 foot snowfall. Paralyzed the city. Since I did not have 4 wheel drive, I had to walk to the grocery store. We have had enough such weather since then the local governments have beefed up their snow removal systems.

    I just think it is ironic that the more they push this global warming nonsense the colder it gets. Hummm. Maybe we ought to stop laughing and make them stop.

    • I’m glad the city has more equipment now Tom. I know it’s tough walking in the snow. Whenever it gets cold here I remind myself of the 4 years I spent in the Air Force in North Dakota. Now that was cold and nasty and hard!!! We drive thru VA once a year to get to my sons home in Bowie, MD. VA you s beautiful! I’d love to live there, just don’t miss the cold, brrrr! Thanks for commenting Tom!

      • I had an assignment in the interior of Alaska at Clear AFS. In the winter the temperature would routinely drop into the -30 -40 degree F range. For exercise and recreation, I would go out and cross-country ski with a balaclava, thermal underwear, jeans, and a jacket. When it was particularly cold, I would tie a bandana behind my head, folding it across the bridge of my nose (Did not want my nose to freeze.). Then I would disappear onto the trails and keep moving for a couple of hours. Because the air was so still, I would come back to the site soaked with sweat.

        The still air was something I had not expected, but the mountain ranges around the interior cause some odd weather. If it had not been so cold, the interior of Alaska would be a desert.

        During the winter, I noticed a strange phenomenon peculiar to our site. We had a cloudy overcast. Because of this low cloud, we could never see the sun or star. However, once I left the site, the sky was clear. Why? We had a coal-fired power plant large enough for a bedroom community with 70,000 people. The coal burned cleanly, but the water vapor from the burnt coal and cooling water condensed, froze and clouded the sky as fine ice crystals. So I never saw the northern lights.

        When I was a boy, fortunately, my father was stationed in Labrador. So I saw them there, and they are spectacular.

      • Wow! Sounds like you have some good memories. For us, sometimes it was colder than in Alaska. Mainly because of the constant wind. When -40 we had to work in pairs. One held the heater hose while the other worked. At -70 (wind chill) we were sent home. In four years I was there we were sent home three times. In the summer I used to lay on the wings of a B52 and watch the Northern Lights in your direction. They were beautiful πŸ˜ƒ

      • No. More into advocating Christ Jesus and political advocacy. That combination tends to stir people up. If I made it about me, I just make myself a target. Some commenters don’t need an excuse.

        Just as well, I suppose. When we promote Jesus, we glorify Him, not our self. When we advocate a political position, we should be doing it for the good of the country, not our self.

        Anyway, I have had some great experiences, but I have not done anything exceptional, barely met par, if that. If I had done something , I could write book. Might be worth the trouble, I suppose. Otherwise, it is not. I have almost always had security clearance. Write much about the Air Force or the other jobs I have had, and I will have to get the material reviewed. For a blog, that’s not practical. So I generally don’t see much reason to talk much about myself.

      • I was talking more about stories about who you are to hand down to your children and grandchildren. I believe it is important to hand down things that are important. In currently working on my testimony. I’m writing it as a letter to my ancestors to tell about how I came to

      • I was talking about writing those stories about how you came to know Christ and your Christian walk. Its important to tell your ancestors your testimony. It could be what brings them to ChristπŸ˜„. Have a super Sunday!

  2. Here today where live in The Land Down Under it was 91.5 f with little humidity. It does get a bit nippy here sometimes but nothing like the cold you are experiencing. Take care when you are back driving.

    • Ok, I’m jealous! I want some of that warmth up hereβ˜• Thank you for your comment and concern. We have black ice o. Our roads this morning. I’m going to church a d then right back home. Enjoy your summer πŸ˜„

    • Lol, I lived in IN and ND for about 20 years. I’m originally from the south and don’t miss that cold and snow at all. It’s supposed to be 70 here Wednesday,lol. Welcome to the south. Hope you like it hereπŸ˜„ Thanks for your comment.

      • Thank you!! I lived in NYC my entire life (except for a brief stint in NJ). I’ve lived in the South for 13 years now. I miss some things about NY for sure, but certainly not the crowds and the weather. ( :

  3. Sounds like a good day to stay in. Cold in Oklahoma, but no ice or snow here at the lake. It was 19 degrees when I went out to walk/run. Think I actually ran a bit more this morning, trying to stay warm. πŸ™‚

    • Lol, running will help you stay warm for sureπŸ˜ƒ It was 17 early this morning but supposed to be in the low 70’s by Wednesday. Go figure. Stay warm and safe!

  4. A few years ago I got caught in a snowstorm in the south, being from Missouri I am used to driving in snow. My friends who were in the car in front of me and myself in my car were the only ones moving. I was shocked because just about everyone was in the ditch but us! They also had no snow plows or salt, it was truly very scary!
    I’ve been barely blogging this year and also not visiting many either, wow have a missed a lot over here! For a while I used to check your blog but you weren’t writing I am glad to see your back! I have some catching up to do!

    • Thank you Terri. I stopped writing for awhile and almost deleted my blog. Thanks to people like you I kept it and have begun writing and teaching again. I appreciate you Terry. I’m glad you are back too. May our God bless you!
      Oh, and you are so right. People here do not know how to drive in ice and snow. I learned living in IN and ND, but I still stay off the road so I don’t get hit by one of them πŸ˜‚

      • Thank you Andy you’re kind. I’m glad you didn’t delete your blog and I’m looking forward to keeping reading more of it again!
        Also glad you know to stay off the road when in a Southern snow πŸ˜€

    • Mississippi is strange. Last week was in the low 20 degrees F. We had ice on the roads. It was cold and nasty. This week it’s in the middle 70’s and be that way for at least a week. thank you!

  5. Hi, Andy! I can’t stop laughing at your two photos at the top. I know it isn’t funny, but it’s most instructive–I would hope–to those Northern Icelanders who can’t understand what it’s like to go through this kind of craziness in the South. I live in the Philly area, so snow and ice visit us often enough to keep us on our toes. I have, however, gone through snow storms in the South that were complete and total disasters–especially on highways. No fun. Here’s to an early, permanent Spring thaw for everyone! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Elouise. The weather down here is crazy. This week we’ve been in the 70’s. Thursday’s it was 79. Glad to put a smile on your face. Stay warm and safe up there!

  6. We were on our way back home from our Florida adventure and in Alabama when the news of this storm came to our attention. It was just ahead of us and before we knew it was on us. Some didn’t think the road conditions were bad and up the road we met them again standing by their car in the ditch. Most however were conscientious and moseyed on up the road until the conditions changed.

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