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    • So true. The protesters are out already like it’s going to change anything 😃 We had prayer tonight at church. I prayed for Hillary and her followers that God would comfort & calm their spirit and allow us to move forward with healing our nation. Gods plan must become our plan now. Praise The Lord!

      • I’ve been praying for Hillary since I knew last night that the party was over for her. She is, after all, a human being. Like all fallen, she has no Eyes to See… One of the hardest things to do is remember to pray for those we might call our enemies or those who rub us the wrong way. All of that to say, thank you! You are the first to share that they have been praying for her and that side of the isle. 😁🙏🏻

      • Sounds like we think alike. Thank you for doing the same. We are to pray for those who despise us. So glad we’ve connected on our Blogs. Blessings!😄

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