What are your thoughts? 

I took this photo on the car in front me at a red light today. What are your thoughts?


49 thoughts on “What are your thoughts? 

  1. I don’t think too much of it personally Andy
    It seems to imply we could fool our Lord by looking busy when in fact He knows all

    That’s just one problem I have

    Of course depending on where that is I suppose it might not be negative as look busy could mean get busy

  2. I hate that phrase! Lol! Get being loving, get forgiving, but looking like you are doing something…. that’s the same as a guy in a Batman costume being busy while the Joker is robbing a bank. That guy wouldn’t fool anybody into thinking he was Batman….

  3. Well, I guess you could be offended, or it might prompt someone to start asking questions?
    For the folks who don’t know Him, wouldn’t know about Him or His return. I can see someone wondering where he’s been, and why he’s coming back, and what will happen then?
    Just a thought.

    • A very good thought! While this sounds strange to those of us who know Him, it would be a wonderful tool to use for those who don’t know Him, hoping they will ask questions. Thank you!

  4. Look busy???? That’s one messed up bumper sticker. There’s no fooling Jesus and just because you are busy doing “good things” doesn’t mean you know Him. Too many folks just don’t get it.

  5. What an odd bumper sticker. It is usually obvious what is meant by a bumper sticker, what choice the person has made. In this case, God only knows his/her heart.

  6. Ha! Thanks for the laugh with this one – 😉
    (And side note – I think some of need to get more excited that he did say he will return – the trumpets will sound and oh the joy…..)

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