The Legend of the Dogwood


“When Christ was on earth, the dogwood grew
To a towering size with a lovely hue.
Its branches were strong and interwoven,
And for Christ’s cross its timbers were chosen.


“Being distressed at the use of the wood,
Christ made a promise which still holds good:
‘Never again shall the dogwood grow
To be large enough for a tree, and so,
Slender and twisted it shall always be,
With cross-shaped blossoms for all to see.


“’The petals shall have bloodstains marked brown,
And in the blossom’s center a thorny crown.
All who see it will think of me,
Nailed to a cross from a dogwood tree.
Protected and cherished this tree shall be,
A reflection to all of my agony.’”


For more about this legend:


40 thoughts on “The Legend of the Dogwood

    • Mine do too. When this flower blooms it reminds me weeks in advance of the sacrifice of our Savior and that we will be reminded on that glorious Sunday! Thanks for your comment!

  1. I’ve always loved the dogwood but I never heard the legend. I’m glad I have now, I will look at the tree more carefully in future. Thanks.

    • Good. I find every year some one who has never heard it. It does indeed allow you to look differently at the Dogwood. I’m thankful you enjoyed it😄 I pray you and your family will have a wonderful Easter.

    • I am glad you enjoyed it Denine! I think of this every Easter. I am finding a lot of people here have not heard of it before. I am thankful you have shared it with your followers. Blessings!

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