A Letter To My Best Friend ~

In March I was privileged to see my old friend Mo and his wife Nancy. We had a great time telling old stories and laughing our heads off at the crazy and ridiculous things we had done in our men made of steel years. While driving back to Mississippi I thought of another. I wrote a letter to Mo imploring one more laugh. I want to take a moment to share that with you now.


Andy & Mo

Andy & Mo

Hey My Friend!

I am sorry I have tarried in sending you this story Mo, please forgive? It’s a short story; nonetheless it is one of those we have forgotten until something in the present triggers this old pea brain into action. Let me see if I can jar your memory a little.

The war in Viet Nam had ended and I had just returned home from the Air Force base in Minot, ND. You invited me to go hunting on the land of a farmer you knew there around Anderson. We trucked through the woods and really enjoyed seeing ABSOLUTELY nothing to hunt. It was the friendship and fellowship that was most important. With the exception of a few black birds, or sparrows or something of the like, there was really no wildlife around anywhere. I do remember we found a playground of sorts that someone had built for kids and teenagers to play on. That was pretty cool too. As I recall you said the farmer built it for his grandchildren.

As we continued to walk through the woods, running our mouths and having a good time, we came upon a tree with the prettiest nuts growing on it. They were all over the tree and the ground. Neither of us had ever seen a nut like this so we began to pick them up and study them. You decided that because it was so dad-gummed pretty it had to be edible. First you tried to break one open by crushing two nuts against each other in your hands. That didn’t work so you put one in your mouth and began trying to crack it open with your teeth. About the same time you successfully heard a crack our good lord sent you and me an angel of protection from our own ignorant stupidity.
Out of nowhere came a voice.

“What are you boys doing on my land?”

“Hunting,” I said.

“Who gave you permission to hunt on my land?

Then, rolling the nut to one side of your mouth, you gave a reply explaining that you received permission from your farmer friend.
This farmer now assured us that we had crossed on to his land. Because the fence was down we hadn’t see the property line and he asked us politely to leave. We agreed.

Before we did however you asked, with a mouth full of nut particles, “Do you know what kind of nuts these are?”

Buckeye Tree Nut Seed

Buckeye Tree Nut Seed

The farmers horizontal grin widened almost vertically. I will never forget the look on your face when he said, “That’s a Buckeye, and it’s poisonous enough to kill a bull.”

With a look of terror you began to spit Buckeye all over me and the farmer, the ground, and anything else that got in the way of you casting out Buckeye like an unwanted demon. The farmer and I laughed our heads off.

It is a fond memory and one I was reminded of a Dick’s house (my lil’ brother) when I saw a buckeye tree with prettiest little nuts on it and lying all over the ground!
You can preach this Mo! The moral is simple. We must be careful to take care of our bodies, by knowing that what we put in our mouth is not poisonous. Too, we must be careful of what we place in our hearts and our minds. Just because it is pretty does not mean it is good for us. We must be watchful that it provides life and not a slow poisonous eternal death.

Love ya Bro, Thanks for a great day of eating and wonderful fellowship with you and Nancy. I hope we don’t wait another 34 years before we meet again. If we do, be sure to bring your hearing aids and jet propelled wheel chair–we’ll race through those woods of yours!

You friend and brother,

Mo & Nancy

Mo & Nancy


31 thoughts on “A Letter To My Best Friend ~

  1. What a wonderful post, Andy. You truly bring the reader in with your wonderful story telling abilities. I absolutely loved the moral of the story. How truly right you are…and I am so thankful you put this out there…….”we must be careful of what we place in our hearts and our minds. Just because it is pretty does not mean it is good for us. We must be watchful that it provides life and not a slow poisonous eternal death.”

    I pray you and your best friend do not have to wait so long to see each other next time. Blessings.

  2. Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it And. I, too, liked the moral of the story! Cant say it any better than you and Skye already did.

  3. You know I love stories of experiences with others. Mo will always appreciate your writing down this memory and we the readers receive a lesson at the same time. Thanks

  4. Great story, Andy, of fond memories with a friend. Glad for Mo that the neighboring farmer tracked you down. We never know how God’s angels will show up. Thank you for sharing. 😀

  5. Hi Andy, thank you for sharing about you and Mo and so True rubbish in, rubbish out, meaning as we think in our heart it affects our actions,so lets fill our heart with good and good will result.

    I read a lot of Blog messages but unless they can confirm what they share with Scripture, they may spread poison too, when people take to heart what they share. Just because they believe something is True does not make it so, we must always have the confirmation of God’s Truth in the Scriptures, through the empowering of The Holy Spirit and not just Trust in what others think it says or even what we have been taught. I always tell people if they need clarification to ask and I will confirm what I share with Scripture but sadly some don’t even read the Scriptures and if they do not as a whole picture just in bits and pieces.

    As you know Andy, to know God’s Truth we need to know Him as a Loving God who watches over us (1Corinthians2:9-16) like sending that Farmer at just the right time, no Bull, Mo may have lost it! like many have in the Church, yes because of nuts too called Cults, meaning their teaching, it’s everywhere but than so is God’s Truth if we have Spiritual eyes to see it and ears to hear.

    Thanks again, your so real Andy , I have missed you, as I’m sure others have too, I did write but I have had a change of Internet Provider again so perhaps you couldn’t reach us. I will e-mail you again when I can find your address.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

  6. Great story Andy. A perfect concoction of humor, the tenderness of old friendship, and death defying adventure. And a good moral to boot 😉

  7. More people should write letter such as yours, Andy…simply beautiful. There’s nothing better than getting together with an old friend and sharing memories.

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