One Delicious Memory

Chocolate Pie! Nothing Better!

Chocolate Pie!
Nothing Better!

     Simpson was my most favorite town to live in while growing up. Anderson, IN was the second but that is for another memoir. Simpson, to this day, is a quiet little town in the middle of nowhere. Located in Vernon Parish Louisiana, the population remains around five-hundred. Dad was called there to pastor one of two hopeful congregations. This particular memoir will not describe all the memories of those days lived in this delightful place. This is simply an excerpt from those pages.
Back-in-the-day as we say in 2014, pastors invited other pastors, evangelist, or guest preachers to come to their church for week-long revivals. I enjoyed them for one particular reason. Food! Yup, that’s right. The county folk love to shower the guest minister with food, and especially sweets. Now I was blessed to carry extra weight as a child—I still am. I guess it was occasions like this that added a few more pounds.
I was nine years old in the summer of 1959. The evangelist was Bill Livingston. He was a tall and slender man with a perfect head of white hair. Unlike my Dad who had little hair, his was combed to perfection with Brylcream (“a little dab’l do ya”). He had been a missionary, somewhere, I don’t know where, and was now speaking for a week in our church. Best of all he was going to stay at our house—in my room.
I sat on the front porch patiently waiting. For what you asked? Food, of course. The townspeople would gradually start bringing plates and bowls of butter beans, cornbread, and sweet potatoes. Fresh beef one day, pork chops the next. Sometimes a little venison would come as a welcome surprise. Oh my, I could not begin to describe the amount of food coming in. My job was to be the scout. Of course I created the position; it was all mine. Being the scout meant I got to greet our neighbors and receive bowls and platters of food. While they stood and talked to Dad and Reverend Livingston I continued to the kitchen with the vittles. Though not a written job description secret agent was apart of the task. We had a guest and it was my job to protect him from harm and see just what everyone brought. We sure didn’t want Reverend Livingston to get sick now did we? I was really looking for one singular dish among one particular category of food.
Sweets galore! Yum! Lemon pie (yuck). Coconut pie, well okay. Chocolate pie, where was it? There was never a chocolate pie. I was hurt. I was devastated that someone, anyone, would not bring this guest speaker a chocolate pie. Smile. Day after day I grew weary. Scouting was no longer any fun. No chocolate pie…no chocolate p…no choc….six days and disappoint arrived. I had given up hope until the last day of the revival. I just knew the neighbors were saving the best for last. Before church, during church and after church the plates arrived covered and ready for my inspection. Still, no chocolate pie. Disillusionment accompanied by dejection and annoyance set in.
That last Sunday evening I sat in church listening to the last sermon. I could only think of one thing and I knew it was not going to happen, until…well…the sermon was over. Bill Livingston began to thank everyone for such loving hospitality. The welcome was great; the responses to his messages each evening were amazing.
His last words were, “I cannot begin to tell you how incredible the food was at each night.” He went on and on about it. He made the congregation chuckle when he said he had gained ten pounds. The real laughter came with his last statement. “I need you to do me a favor please. Andy has looked at the delicious food you brought each night. He was also disappointed every single day that there was never a chocolate pie. Will someone please bake Andy a chocolate pie this week?”
The entire church broke into laughter. I was on the floor and under the pew. His words showered me more attention than I have ever had and it was no drizzle either. I was drenched in torment and pesterin’ for weeks. Oh, you ask, did anyone bring a chocolate pie? Well, of course, five of them—that week! Yes in deedy, I made myself sick on chocolate pie and I didn’t mind one little bit. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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     One more word. I hope you enjoyed One Delicious Memory. It is written from my memoirs. This will be my last post for some time. I have so much writing I want to do and finish and just don’t seem to have the time to do so. I want to target on my memoirs. There are two writing task I feel the good Lord has given me as well. I need to focus on all of these. I must say this blogging thingy is amazing. I have met some wonderful people here and I will carry you in my heart always. Thank you for following and blessing this simple old man and for the undeserved blessings you have bestowed upon me with your comments and love. Blessings to you all!



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  1. Well phooey. I’m going to miss your writing. I admire your dedication to following the direction the Lord has set your feet. I lived in Muncie, IN and did an apprenticeship at Anderson library when I went to Ball State for my MLS.

    Now if you ever need a recipe for chocolate pie, on my blog in the category of recipes, of course, you’ll find my granny’s recipe. She taught my mom, mom taught me, and I’ve in turn taught my boys. It is a standard and a favorite in our family.

    Father, praise you that you call folks who listen and follow you. Thank you for the spiritual refreshment they shower on us through their writing. Continues to bless Andy and his family. Give him enlightenment, perseverance and endurance to finish the race you have set before him. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

    • You have me excited and tearful at the same time dear Meredith. I will definite try your chocolate pie and I thank you so much for your prayers.
      I graduated from Anderson University in 1980. I loved that town and I have so many fond memories from living. I have been to Ball State many times! It is a small world isn’t it. Blessings to you and your family!

  2. super fun story about the chocolate pie – 🙂
    and well – best wishes on your other witting projects – and the blogosphere will be here when (and if) the Lord leads you back. you will be missed….. but balance and priorities are important too – and sometimes the “good” keeps us from the “better” and so I pray in Jesus name that we all keep our tasks in the right order – and so we do not miss out on doing what is most important….
    peace and blessings to you my brotha!

  3. Andy you will be greatly missed!! Hope one day you will come back to us again. Loved this story and the others you have blessed us with. God bless you Andy.

  4. That was a fun story! Good for you to take some time off for other writing. It is hard to blog and write for publication. I haven’t found the balance yet…maybe I’ll have to follow your example at some point….

  5. Andy..I didn’t realize you would be concentrating on other things now..just when I burdened you..I am so sorry my friend! I will look forward to (hopefull) some more wonderful memories of your past. Every timre you bring up Alexandria, I have fond memories of my brief time there. it was such a beautiful little town. God Bless you!

  6. Loved your last post Andy. I will miss you but wish you the best of luck with your memoirs. Blessings and hugs, Natalie 🙂

  7. Oh Andy, I did so enjoy this delightful story from your memoirs! Just wonderfully written (although we are different in that my absolute fav is lemon meringue pie!!!) I will miss you but wish you the very best in your writing endeavours and hope to hear updates as and when so that we can keep up with your progress! It’s been a pleasure to have met you here and I would like to thank you for all your amazing support of my blog and my writing and memoir too. Please keep in touch and know that I am praying for you my dear brother. God bless you in everything you do – In His love – Sherri 🙂

    • Thank you my dear friend. It is. Pleasure knowing you as well. It is always a joy to read your post and learn of your current and past life. I wonder often what this tug, this pull is for us to write down out life? I enjoy the flood of memories as I journey this way as I m sure you do too. I’ll be posting gain one of the days. I’m not closing my blog completely, on temporarily. Think you for being a part of my journey here. It us truly a small world. Blessings!

  8. Wow, does your post bring back memories! My dad was a Methodist minister, and his friend (another minister) would invite him to preach week-long summer revivals in “the country” (rural Virginia). I wasn’t crazy about going to church during my childhood, but I enjoyed revivals. Every afternoon we were invited to a different home for dinner. The table was loaded with food and homemade ice cream served for dessert. Then we would go to church for the evening service. It was often blistering hot. The country churches were not air conditioned. So we sat in the pews fanning ourselves rapidly with fans that pictured Christ as the Good Shepherd, a church, or something similar. After the sermon, we sang every stanza of “Just as I Am.” And then people would go forward and kneel, repent, and receive Christ as Lord and Savior. I often went forward, but to be honest, I didn’t truly repent and receive the Lord until I was 32 years old. (I was a rebellious PK.) My dad and his friend have passed on, but the nostalgia of those country dinners, sultry summer nights, and the sound of voices singing “Just As I Am” linger.

    • A simply beautiful memoir from you. Our memories are so similar. I think all of us were bad PK’s. It was a calling from God Himself I believe 🙂 lol. My older brothers name was Bill, mine Andy, and my younger brother was Dick. If you take the first letter of each name and put them together it spells out BAD! We were called the BAD Oldham’s. Guess who was in the middle! Yup! You got it! Thanks for sharing your memories. I love nostalgia! Glad you gave your heart to God at 32 as well! Blessings!

    • Thanks for this early morning smile Yvette. That is a good one for sure. Thank you for thinking of me. Have a happy Sunday! Andy……walks with me 🙂

  9. i am blessed to found your blog, but sadly this is your last post 😦 If only i found your blog early.
    Above all, thank you for following my blog, and sorry for late reply. I really hope accept your new post someday later. Warm regards and love : Sella
    Jesus bless you ((hugs))

    • Thanks Sella. I appreciate such a beautiful comment. You yourself are a blessing. I have take a leave from writing but continue to read several post from those I follow. You have a wonderful blog. Blessings to you! Andy

  10. Love it. I can’t believe you don’t like lemon pie. It’s one of my favourites. But chocolate pie can’t be topped…unless you consider pecan pie…Mmmm. This takes me back to childhood. Your writing always takes me to another place. It’s so vivid. I will miss it. Best of luck with your memoirs. I hope to hear an update soon. All the best, Andy.

    • Thank you Shannon! I’ll be back soon. I miss all my friends already. Love your book. I may be purchasing it soon as I have a new granddaughter coming in June! 🙂

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