Grandpa, you’re just an old fuddy-duddy! – (Lauren, age 4)

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Last week my two granddaughters were here for a visit. Grandkids are why we let our own children live, I think! The greatest title and job in the entire world is that of GRANDPA! (sorry ladies).

The younger, Lauren (age 4) wanted me to play Barbie with her. Now, Lauren is very insistent that some toys are boy toys and some are girl toys. So I asked her if grandpa, being a boy and all, should play with Barbies.

“Grandpa, you’re just an old fuddy-duddy, ” Lauren exclaimed.

“Lauren, what’s a fuddy-duddy?” I asked.

“I dunno”

“Then why did you call me a fuddy-duddy?”

“’cause grandma said you are.”

Well, I can’t argue with that!

So, I played with Barbies. But I got to be a prince!

Life is good, especially with the blessing of grandkids!

Shalom, Art

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  1. I love this, and I love playing Barbies, Legos and all that good stuff with my kids. I do not want these moments to pass, but I have the hopes of someday doing it all over again with my grandbabies. Thanks for this great reblog…it made me smile. 🙂

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